Amicable Divorce Company

» Our process help separating couples reach a settlement.

» The process helps reduce hostility and improves the chances of long-term co-operation.

» People who are helped to reach agreements through counselling and mediation tend to incur lower legal costs.

» You control the pace and content of your separation / divorce rather than lawyers, legislation or the court.

» Our service focuses on the interests of children (where they are involved), helping you to recognise and meet their needs even when you are no longer a couple.

» You can communicate directly with your partner, with the counsellor / mediator there to help you, rather than through solicitors’ correspondence (which can seem acrimonious) or in a courtroom.

» Our process helps couples take control of their situation and sort out matters in an open and cooperative atmosphere. Unlike litigation which largely surrenders your right to retain control to legal representatives, it offers you the opportunity to get off the "conveyer belt" of litigation and regain control. Outcomes are fashioned by our clients to suit their needs.

 “I didn't think we had a hope in hells chance of reaching agreement but remarkably, and thanks to you we did.”

 “Thank you so much for all your hard work and efforts in helping us towards a resolution. You were extremely fair and patient.”

 “You helped us think outside the box and came up with a solution tailor-made for us....”

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