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There are three distinct elements to dealing with separation and divorce:

  • Counselling
  • Mediation
  • The Legal Process


Counselling prepares one for the divorce process. It will ensure that the difficulties that have given rise to the need for separation/divorce are brought out into the open and addressed. This reduces the risk of issues lurking in the shadows only to become evident in the divorce process inhibiting non confrontational resolution. Once these personal issues have been dealt with amicably, you will be ready to start the process of reaching a settlement.


Having resolved the personal issues in counselling, you will be able to sit down with your mediator who will assist you in negotiating your separation/divorce agreement.  All issues can be discussed, for example arrangement of care for the children, financial matters such as what to do with the family home, mortgage, loans, credit cards etc.

The culmination of this process will be the drafting of two documents, one dealing with the personal issues of your separation/divorce, and the other dealing with your ‘financial divorce’.  These will then be passed to a solicitor to formalize.

The Legal Process


There are two distinct parts to the divorce process when you are married or in a civil partnership.
The first is obtaining a divorce itself. It is only when you have obtained what is called a "Decree Absolute" that the marriage is legally ended and you are free to marry again.
The second is obtaining a financial order from the court. If financial (and childrens issues, if any) are resolved by agreement the order is called a "Consent Order". It is only when a Consent Order is made by the Court that there is any certainty in financial issues - provided there has been full financial disclosure by both parties to the other.

Separation Agreement:

Should you not be ready to proceed to a divorce or have been co-habiting, a Seperation Agreement can be entered into. This is not "set in stone" and the Court can vary its terms if the Judge (upon dealing with the divorce and financial issues in the fullness of time) believes the content to be unfair / unjust or if either party has had a change in circumstances in the meantime.

 “I didn't think we had a hope in hells chance of reaching agreement but remarkably, and thanks to you we did.”

 “Thank you so much for all your hard work and efforts in helping us towards a resolution. You were extremely fair and patient.”

 “You helped us think outside the box and came up with a solution tailor-made for us....”

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