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Jan Hillman began her working life by training as a nurse. She then married and took some time out to spend with her daughters but once they were all in school, running a small-holding just didn't seem challenging enough. She turned to work in occupational health but the ever increasing burden of administration and red tape made her job more like an agony aunt than Florence Nightingale.

Training as a Relate Counsellor seemed to be the answer and so, for the last 20 years, she has helped couples work through the trauma of a failing relationship and has been increasingly aware of the need for an alternative to the litigious process for those couples that want to work together to find an amicable way to legalise the ending of their relationship.

She now works in the NHS and private practice as both a counsellor and supervisor.


Andrew Perrin is a graduate Chartered Acountant having spent most of his professional life in practice.

His career saw him undertake a variety of work including County Court work as an expert witness. As a result of his exposure to court work and its adversarial nature he became an enthusiastic and passionate advocate of mediated settlements.

Qualifying initially as a Commercial Mediator, Andrew saw how the benefits of non-conflictual mediation could help the family in separation and divorce and qualified as a Family Mediator.

Andrew has himself been divorced and has two children.


Marie Dark studied law at Cardiff University and then spent several years working in practice before establishing her own business in August 1996 in order to combine her career with raising a family.

Marie's priority in relationship breakdown is the wellbeing of the whole family. She does not believe in taking sides but believes in a process of mediation to encourage amicable separation of not only the people, but all the ancilliary matters such as the finances and material assets. Her experience over the years convinces her that the more traditional adversarial formula of having legal representation on each side does not generally serve either side particularly effectively, and certainly does not encourage an amicable divorce for all involved.

Marie brings a real and very well developed sense of fairness into her work which impacts positively on both clients and staff, some of whom have been with her for over 20 years.

She is a divorcee and mother herself and this, coupled with her professional knowledge and experience, equips her to offer the very best in terms of legal advice with the empathetic style of someone who has "been there, done it and got the T-Shirt".

 “I didn't think we had a hope in hells chance of reaching agreement but remarkably, and thanks to you we did.”

 “Thank you so much for all your hard work and efforts in helping us towards a resolution. You were extremely fair and patient.”

 “You helped us think outside the box and came up with a solution tailor-made for us....”

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